For this activity, I would like you to view the following interactive video which I created with H5P. Successfully answer all of the questions and make note of the sort of assessments you’re participating in. After you have finished viewing and participating in the interactive video, I would like you to create a similar video screencast involving EIGRP setup in Packet Tracer or GNS3. As with the video below, I would like you to create a list of troubleshooting steps at the end where you demonstrate ways to break and fix EIGRP. Feel free to compare EIGRP with OSPF in how neighbor adjacency forms as well as any differences regarding hello and hold/dead timers. The network does not have to be large, but I would like at least 3 routers to be involved in the EIGRP process with some switches and endpoints connected to each router on their own subnets to simulate a LAN environment. If you have any questions about the topology feel free to contact me.

I recommend using OBS for screencast recording, but utilize whatever you find works best. I would rather you spend time building and troubleshooting an EIGRP network instead of wasting time trying to fix your recording software. After recording, upload your video to YouTube. Then, I would like you to create an H5P interactive video at and submit a link to it either in the comments here or in the LMS. Include the sort of assessment types that were presented in the OSPF video and also feel free to use any others that might be beneficial. The goal of this exercise is for each of you to create EIGRP tutorials that will instruct others and in the process help solidify these concepts for yourself.

EIGRP reference:

H5P Interactive Video Tutorial:

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